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School is gay
Me (couldnt think of a dif title)
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
school is gay
Mood:  on fire
Topic: School is gay
move bitch

hopefully song thing works
not a real conversation
just another day at dave's house

C: ok school is so damn retarded
R: not like we learn anything
D: We learn stuff
R: shut the fuck up dave
D: we learn reproductive shit,how people are evil to the environment, ummm.....,the usa is lazy, ummm.... 2+2=22,dont fuck w/o a condum.... oh and drinking is good for you
D: err bad...yeah bad! (wink)
C: oh
C: you had it right the first time go back to good then stop
R:we still dont learn shit tho
C:considering they tell us not to use profanity..yet Ricky is sittin over there sayin fuck like a broken record player
R: fuh fuh fuh fuh fuck fuck fuck fuh fuck fuh fuh fuck
D: hahahahaha
D: so what were you guys doin in math yesterday? i was sleepin as usual and when i woke up i snapped sara in the ass with a rubberband
R:fuh fuck nice fuh fuck i fuh fuck fuh was fuck fuh fuckin fuh fuck fuh fuh sayin fuh fuh fuck FUCK! fuh fuck fuh
C: retarded Ms. Fuckberry called on me and asked me what 5N+7=582 i know and who gives a fuck about math i have a 67 in that class, im passing.
D: 115
D: ...
R: [laughs]
D: ya i hate her too but she doesnt care if i sleep as long as "i dont disrupt the other students" im like ya whatever... they can go grow a penis and shove it up themselves
C: that works
R: yep
R: well laters guys i gotta jet i'll see yas in ela
D: Peace out
C: laters bro
C: i better get goin too it only 2 in the a.m. and i got a history project due 2maro.
D: cya colin
C: cya dicklicker
C: err dave
C: [walks away laughing]

Posted by karamanos70 at 5:44 PM EDT
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under construction
Mood:  hug me
this site is like under construction so all u fuckin fucktards can view it soon... ps i get bored really ez and make crap like this

Posted by karamanos70 at 5:14 PM EDT
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